Channel Screen

The Channel Screen is the center-point Juniper, the output of a given a channel is displayed on the oscilloscope and from here the user can:

The Channel Screen with Frequency set as the active Parameter


General controls for menu navigation are listed in the table below:

Buttons Function
DEPRESS ENCODER Open the Parameter Screen for the selected parameter
LONG HOLD ENCODER Toggle course / fine parameter changes
DOUBLE TAP SELECT Open the Channel Menu for the selected channel.
TAP or HOLD SELECT + ROTATE ENCODER LEFT Jump to Previous channel
TAP or HOLD SELECT + ROTATE ENCODER RIGHT Jump to Modulator channel (when modulator is active)
ROTATE ENCODER Adjust selected parameter value
PRESS WAV Select Waveform parameter
PRESS FRQ Select Frequency parameter
LONG HOLD FREQ Toggle between synchronized and desynchronized frequency
PRESS AMP Select Amplitude parameter
PRESS MOR Select Morph parameter
LONG HOLD MOR Toggle secondary Morph parameter. This is only applicable when using the Envelope waveform
PRESS PHA Select Phase parameter
PRESS OFF Select Offset parameter
PRESS A Select the A advanced parameter
PRESS B Select the B advanced parameter
HOLD A + ROTATE ENCODER Change the custom A advanced parameter
HOLD B + ROTATE ENCODER Change the custom B advanced parameter
TAP or HOLD SELECT + A (ch 1) Select Channel 1
TAP or HOLD SELECT + B (ch 2) Select Channel 2
TAP or HOLD SELECT + WAV (ch 3) Select Channel 3
TAP or HOLD SELECT + FRQ (ch 4) Select Channel 4
TAP or HOLD SELECT + AMP (ch 5) Select Channel 5
TAP or HOLD SELECT + MOR (ch 6) Select Channel 6
TAP or HOLD SELECT + PHA (ch 7) Select Channel 7
TAP or HOLD SELECT + OFF (ch 8) Select Channel 8