State Management

A user may save and recall different state files to the SD Card if they wish. This can help recall various states for various usecases. Additionally there are Quick slots available in which state recall can occur on the fly, utilising the channel buttons.

States contain nearly all configuration information, except for the following:

  1. System settings: OLED, LED brightness and screen saver duration
  2. Recorder settings & links *
*: This is intentional to make recording of state changes possible

Saving a state

States are saved to the SD Card and a filename must be chosen. Currently there is a limitation that only FAT32 Short Filenames (SFN) are supported - meaning there is a 8 character filename limitation. Work is being done to improve this in the near future. When choosing a filename, the Channel 1 (A) and Channel 2 (B) buttons can be used to add or remove characters.

Recalling, deleting or overwriting a state

States can be easily recalled, deleted or overwritten

Assigning a quick slot

A state can be assigned a quick slot simply by highlighting the state, and then pressing one of the 8 Channel buttons. Once assigned, using the Performance Screen states can be recalled on the fly.

Quick slot 2 assigned to file "FAST"