What is Juniper?

MD-001 Juniper

Juniper is a clockable LFO, modulator, looper, quantiser and general CV mangler. Juniper is great for accurate clocking, generating strange and wonderful waveforms, quantizing values, acting as CV manipulator for input signals and for performative CV looping. All of these features exist on all 8 channels independently.

Juniper provides a utilitarian interface, allowing you to quickly dial in waveforms, or you can dive deep and create mind bending complex relationships between channels often leading to experimental results - its really up to you how you want to use it.

While Juniper can do quite a number of tasks, it was not designed to be an audio rate oscillator or sampler (despite it being able to hit audio rates) - perhaps in the future this could be a goal but for now Junipers primary function is CV.


  • 8 high resolution 16-bit output channels
  • 3 high resolution 16-bit CV inputs and 1 GATE (clock) input
  • Per channel bipolar (-5V to +5V) and unipolar modes (0V to +5V)
  • Multiple output waveforms: Sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, envelope, random, CV inputs, output mix
  • Each channel can operate as either LFO or Function Generator
  • Each LFO can be synchronized to the clock or entirely de-synchronized
  • Powerful modulation matrix with modulation sources including all 8 internal channels and 3 CV inputs
  • All waveform parameters can be individually modulated for complex waveform generation
  • 4 quadrant amplitude multiplication / polarization modulation
  • 8 individual or linked CV recorders quantized to the beat, streaming directly to the SDCard for large loop durations
  • V/Oct quantization
  • OLED display @ 60Hz with oscilloscope
  • Low clock drift profile
  • Fractional (1/10th) BPM accuracy
  • Micro SD card for firmware updates, state persistence and data streaming
  • Reverse polarity power protection
  • Support for MD-002 Gin Expander adding:
    • 8x 12-bit CV inputs
    • Potentiometer for knob recording and fluid modulation
    • Dedicated recording controls for intuitive live looping


  • Width: 8 HP (40.3mm)
  • Height: 128.5mm
  • Depth: 36mm
  • Power: 33mA @ -12V, 160mA @ 12V
  • SD Card: FAT32 with Master Boot Record (MBR)